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Com­pletion of this Training will allow you to register as a regis­tered Yoga Teacher 200 hours with Yoga Alliance. Do you want to become a cer­tified yoga teacher?
This four-week, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Module is designed for you! All par­ti­ci­pants com­pleting the program will receive a 200-Hr cer­ti­ficate. After which you will be qua­lified to register with Yoga Alliance. 
This program is also ideal for those who simply want a four-week immersion to deepen and expand their yoga practice – a life-trans­forming expe­rience!
This format allows stu­dents to acce­lerate learning, while taking a break from the demands of everyday life.
Mari­nayoga was estab­lished in 2008 as a yoga and healing center. Mari­nayoga is regis­tered with Yoga Alliance USA to provide 200 & 300-hour Yoga Tea­ching Cer­ti­fi­ca­tions and is a cer­tified Con­ti­nuing Edu­cation Pro­vider for regis­tered tea­chers to keep their qua­li­fi­ca­tions up-to-date.
Mari­nayoga is situated in a natural setting about 3km from Ao Nang Beach, in sou­thern Thailand.   The center has two shalas, a classroom, on-site accom­mo­dation and a fully equipped kitchen for all to use. We have a variety of rooms to suit every budget including a large air con­di­tioned dor­mitory bamboo bun­galows and deluxe rooms air-con and kit­chenette.
We keep our student groups small (max. 12), and look after them with a large group of expe­ri­enced tea­chers, ensuring ample per­sonal attention. There are tea­chers on-site 24/7, with a diverse array of know­ledge and expe­rience in tea­ching, men­toring, coa­ching and healing.
In addition to the sche­duled yoga classes, the center offers a broad range of healing moda­lities, including reiki, sound-bowl healing, massage, sha­ma­nistic journeys and more.

- Fully ser­viced yoga and healing center.
- 200 hours of inst­ruction in yoga asanas, pra­nayama and medi­tation, as well as history,philosophy and tea­ching metho­dology.
- Two asana prac­tices every day.
- Daily mediation practice.
- Pro­gressive tea­ching format to allow you to certify as a yoga teacher in time
-Small group expe­rience – maximum of 12 stu­dents per training.
- A team of expe­ri­enced tea­chers on-site to provide men­toring and support, as well as inst­ruction.
- Inst­ruction in a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Kun­dalini and Ashtanga.
- On-site accom­mo­dation with rooms to suit every budget.
-Bre­akfast pro­vided.
- Lunch & dinner packages available._ A fully equipped kitchen for those who prefer to cook for themselves._Two yoga shalas (one indoors, one open-air).
- Swimming pool in 2min walking distance
- Weekly tripe to the beach to practice yoga asana (weather per­mitting).
- Free Wi-Fi.



Four Weeks   with inst­ruction in English

Spoken lan­guages: English, Deutsch, (some) Thai

The maximum number of par­ti­ci­pants is 12

Upon com­pletion of this yoga teacher training module, stu­dents will receive a cer­ti­ficate. For more infor­mation, please send Mari­nayoga an inquiry.
Beginner or inter­me­diate level yogis can join the course for a deep immersion into yoga practice and phi­lo­sophy. Aspiring tea­chers can attend to begin their cer­ti­fi­cation process.
All courses at Mari­nayoga are designed in accordance with Yoga Alliance stan­dards and gui­de­lines as well as tra­di­tional yoga culture and customs.

Our team of expe­ri­enced tea­chers will lead you through:
Yoga phi­lo­sophy, 8 Limbs, Patanjali Sutras
Con­cepts of, karma, yamas and niyamas
Anatomy, phi­lo­sophy (basics of the skeletal, mus­cular, respi­ratory and car­dio­vascular systems)
Subtle energy bodies
Yogic life style and nut­rition (intro to Ayurveda)
Pra­nayama (breathing tech­niques) 
Tea­ching metho­dology,
Dif­ferent yoga styles
Bandhas and mudras _Practical yoga and medi­tation classes (planning and sequencing your practice)
The principles of demons­tration, alignment, adjustment and modi­fi­cation
Yoga ethics (how to be pro­fes­sional)
Each class is tho­roughly taught, drawing on the dif­ferent strengths of the tea­chers.


You will advance your yoga asana practice and gain a deep under­standing of yoga beyond the phy­sical pos­tures. As well as two asana prac­tices each day, there will be daily medi­tation ses­sions, pra­nayama and kriya tech­niques, history / phi­lo­sophy / theory lec­tures and work­shops on alignment, adjust­ments and tea­ching metho­dology.
How to provide solid and clear demons­tra­tions
How work with your voice to give clear inst­ruc­tions
Proper alignment of pos­tures
Hands-on adjust­ments
How to avoiding common injuries
Yogic breathing and its benefits
Yogic body cleansing tech­niques (Kriya yoga)
Yoga phi­lo­sophy
Intro to Ayurveda
How to teach a hatha yoga, breathing and medi­tation tech­niques
Yoga ethics


Classes are 5–1/2 days a week (we finish early afternoon on Saturday, and take a well-deserved day off on Sunday).

A day during the training module might look some­thing like this:
7–9am                    Asana/Meditation 
9–10am                 Bre­akfast
10am–12pm      Lecture (for example: anatomy, phi­lo­sophy, asana alignment, metho­dology etc.)
12–2pm                 Lunch
2–4pm                    Practice and/ or asana alignment workshop
4–6pm                    Self-study / visit the market
6–7.45pm            Asana practice, obser­vation and medi­tation
8:00 pm                 Dinner

*This is a sample schedule and will vary from day to day.

Every Wed­nesday is a Silent Day J for self-reflection!

Marina Frei

Marina was born in Berlin on 17 August 1959. She became inte­rested in healing at a very young age. This passion led her to a lifelong studiy of many healing moda­lities, including home­o­pathy, psy­chology, diving medicine, emer­gency response, reflexology, sha­manism and

Reiki. Marina is a Reiki Grand Master and has been prac­ticing and tea­ching this Japanese tech­nique for over 30 years.

Marina moved to Krabi, Thailand in 2000, working first as a diving inst­ructor, then opening her own diving center, and later working as a para­medic. During this period, she heard a deeper inner calling and turned her focus to yoga, which she had been prac­ticing for many years. In 2008 she tra­velled to India where she com­pleted her hatha yoga 200-hour tea­ching training course. Upon her return, she opened Marina Yoga and has been tea­ching yoga and medi­tation ever since. In 20XX she tra­velled to Bali for a 300-hour YTT, qua­li­fying her Yoga Alliance’s: E-RYT500.

Inst­ructors are: Marina Frei, Alessio Zuccalà (Alex), Liat Kim, Nick Wil­liams


Preise 2020/2021


200hr YTT Module + No accom­mo­dation = 66,500 THB = 1900 Euro

200hr YTT Module + Accom­mo­dation:

Shared dor­mitory = 76,500 THB = 2200 Euro

Private Fan Room = 83,000 THB = 2400 Euro

Private Air Con Room = 85,000 THB = 2500 Euro

Private Deluxe Air Con Room with kit­chenette = 89,000 THB = 2550 Euro

You are welcome to include lunch and Dinner in your TTC package (addi­tional cost 8000 THB = 230 Euro)

You are welcome to arrive a day or two early, to settle in, or stay a day or two extra to just chill out. NO extra charge – BUT YOU MUST LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE.


We are located in a secluded, natural setting 3 km outside of Ao Nang Beach, in Sou­thern Thailand.

We have access to the neighbour’s swimming pool and restaurant, a mere two-minute walk away. You can use one of our bicycles (free!) or hire a scooter.

Today, Mari­nayoga is a well-estab­lished yoga & healing center in Ao Nang.. Mari­nayoga offers yoga and medi­tation classes, yoga teacher training courses and a wide range of holistic healing tech­niques such as Reiki, ear candles, sound bowl tre­atment, acu­p­uncture, sha­ma­nistic Journey/healing and life coa­ching.

Mari­nayoga has evolved with a vision of offering a har­mo­nious space for yoga, spi­ritual healing and per­sonal growth within a natural setting. Her vision inte­grates principles from Marina’s vast expe­rience in a range of holistic prac­tices. She believes that yoga is for everyone, and people should not be discri­mi­nated against on the basis of their ability when it comes to practice. She believes that everyone is simul­ta­ne­ously both a student and a teacher. Marina works closely with her team of expe­ri­enced and well-qua­lified yoga tea­chers to create a wel­coming and enjoyable envi­ronment for all who come seeking to transcend them­selves. Whether tea­ching or treating, Marina and her team combine extensive know­ledge of phy­siology, anatomy, psy­chology and phi­lo­sophy.


Our staff will help organize trips to explore Krabi/Ao Nang (for example):
Hot springs and waterfall
Emerald Pool
Tiger Cave Temple
Hiking in natural parks
Island tours
Night market in Krabi Town
Thai massage
And more….
Local Tourist ope­ra­tions can also arrange diving, snor­kelling, kayaking, rock climbing and many other outdoor adven­tures.
Of course, we mustn’t forget the countless pristine white sand beaches with azure blue seas within easy access by bike, scooter, tuk tuk or (some­times) long-tailed boat. Not to mention a huge variety of excellent Thai and inter­na­tional restau­rants.

Important Note!

Mari­nayoga has many rescued dogs and cats who have found a safe shelter here. All pets are fri­endly and well trained. If you are afraid or dislike animals, this may be a great oppor­tunity to address your issues.

The fol­lowing is included:
Bre­akfast (fresh fruit, yoghurt and homemade soy yoghurt, cereal, toast, homemade rye and gluten free bread, coffee)
Lunch & Dinner packages are available, with vege­tarian & vegan options.
Herbal teas
Unli­mited drinking water.

Accom­mo­dation (optional)
YTT Course 200 hours
Mari­nayoga 200-hour YTT Course book
200hr Yoga Teacher Training Cer­ti­ficate
Bre­akfast (fresh fruit, yoghurt and homemade soy yoghurt, cereal, toast, homemade rye and gluten free bread, coffee, tea)
Lunch & dinner packages (optional)
Unli­mited drinking water and tea
A weekly cleaning lady for your room. We practice Karma Yoga all the Time?

(optional) This TTC also offers an oppor­tunity for cer­ti­fi­cation in Reiki Prema Healing, a spi­ri­tually empowering course that will nurture your inner healing abi­lities. The Reiki level one or two course is com­pli­mentary with the TTC.

Sight­seeing and tours
Travel insurance

We recommend flying into Krabi Inter­na­tional Airport, which is only 30 minutes away by car. We can arrange for a car to pick you up at the airport (500THB). Alter­na­tively, Phuket Inter­na­tional Airport is about 2–1/2 hours away. We can also arrange a car to pick you up there, or you can use the bus (or take a boat, weather per­mitting).


A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. Pay with PayPal (+ 5% fee) or direct bank transfer.

The remaining balance is due upon arrival. You can pay cash (Thai cur­rency only), credit card (+ 3% fee) or PayPal (+ 5%)

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